Thursday, August 6, 2009


Once again I have had the good fortune of working with a local poet's words. There is something very special about meeting and/or knowing the person who has written the words and who has given you the opportunity to work with them and create a thing of beauty. I made this book for a recent exhibition and was thrilled to use Gary's poem Silences.
We had a cup of tea in a local cafe and he explained a bit of what lay behind the poem, and I explained what I do and together we believed that this was a good thing to do.
Our lives are filled with silences; if we can stop long enough to simply be and recognise them. I think these silences often contain powerful and important moments, even if they seem to be insignificant.
Once again I made a long, thin book - I love that shape. I also made the box that contains it, and used my own "heartbeat" script to write a single line on a page. It hasn't sold yet, but I think we
are both OK with that - I like having it in my studio.

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  1. **waves**

    It's me again, Fiona!

    I scrolled through your whole blog so that I could see examples of your heartbeat script. As I scrolled through, I was surprised to realize how long I've been following your blog because so much of it was familiar to me. Each example of your work is stunningly beautiful. I love the simplicity and the 'quietness' of your designs. They evoke a quiet, peaceful feeling. So very lovely.

    Thank you for sharing your spectacular pieces with people like me, who strive to do their best and dream to do better!



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