Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beautiful inkiness

Just dabbling a little, experimenting a bit, playing here and there...and here are some photos of the results.  I was just free-wandering in my mind and in the studio and started dropping ink into water. I was mesmerised and intrigued by the results - the weather was coolish and the ink moved slowly and was suspended for quite some time.

I love the trace-marks that tell the story of its movement and its gentle dissipation. There is a calligraphic sense to some of the lines and a freedom.


  1. I agree, these ink lines and marks do look like light and airy calligraphy.

  2. I love looking at heavy sumi dancing in water..... but that durn denis has almost wrecked the whole thing for me.... these days all I can think about when I see ink in water is his durn video.....



  3. hey and how this - the first link I posted just now was a dodgy rip off ('dennis'.......yeah right!)

    here's the real quill skill!


  4. so playful and free, very nice makes me think of the feathers on my pots.

  5. you've captured the ink so beautifully. wonderful "marks"

  6. These are great. They remind me of Mayako Nakamura's work. Have a look.


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