Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Thoughts...

It is not what you see that is art, art is the gap.
Marcel Duchamp

I remember sitting in Brunetti, a coffee shop - pastry shop in Melbourne many years ago and reading a range of fabulous quotes about art which were inscribed on windows and walls including this one. The perfect match - coffee, pastries, art.

Whilst I have always enjoyed this one, I find the concept of the real art being in the gap a bit of a challenge to come to grips with. My sense of it is that somewhere between what has been presented, and your response or reaction to it, lies the true art. That art is about the interpretation. My work has never been dadaist or surrealist so I wonder if M. Duchamp had some other thoughts in mind?

It seems to suggest that art is personal and individual, and that's a thought I can definitely agree with.

Artwork by Emily Dempster 2009


  1. it is, "the spaces in between" as my fav teacher used to say...

  2. what a wonderful thought to ponder- like your interpretation- that art is the interaction between the object and the viewer

  3. Caterina - exactly! 'The spaces in between...'

    Donna thank you ; its a thought to ponder again and again.


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