Sunday, September 26, 2010

More journals...

As I mentioned on Friday - its nice to have a stash of journals just ready to stitch.

In keeping with my intention to use different stitches here are the next two.  They are both medium-sized journals.

The first uses paste paper covers and a simple 3-link-down stitch. The second uses some itajime paper covers and a made up celtic-weave stitch.  It is really just a variation of the 3-link-down stitch with crossovers on the outside and up rather than on the inside and straight across.  Does that make sense to anyone?!?!?

More close ups because stitched books are just beautiful things. I have also been very happy with how well the waxed linen thread has matched the papers too!


  1. yes the blues of the covers and threads DO match beautiful! noice one!

  2. Beautiful papers, beautiful stitching. Great match of colours.

  3. F Love the texture of the close-up of the stitching - looks great. B

  4. Fiona I love the book, stitching and colour is beautiful. Well done.

  5. good looking spines! love the crossovers, i haven't done these yet. i fell in love with vellum tackets and haven't done any pretty sewing for a while.


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