Friday, September 24, 2010

Journals emerging...

It has been great to have a stash of journals sitting ready to stitch downstairs.  In between bits and pieces I have really enjoyed picking them up and making them.

I have also tried to use a variety of stitches to add interest and to encourage people to explore them.  I made the covers using the itajime papers I made in Calgary and the paste papers I made at home.

With journals, and often other books, I nearly always get asked "did you make the paper?" Sadly, this comment frustrates me a bit as if all the other elements (the words, the hand calligraphy, the paper for the covers, the binding, the design etc) are somehow considered lesser.  It also makes me a bit sad, because people don't always understand how difficult it can sometimes be to actually draw or write on handmade paper - it can tear, pull and the surface can bleed the ink - and that in fact high quality watercolour paper like these is often actually preferable.

As my friend Kim so rightly reminds me - it is our job to educate folk as well as allow them to enjoy our work!

Here are two of the journals so far. The first is a small one, itajime paper and blanket stitch binding.  The blanket stitch makes for quite a loose and free-feeling little book; it moves in your hand a bit.

The second is a large journal with itajime paper covers again, using tapes which go thru the cover and into the board a bit. It's nice and sturdy. I also showed some close ups because I always think stitching looks lovely (if wobbly here and there) this close up!


  1. Fiona, your papers are stunning and suit the bindings so well. I especially like the one on the tapes, a nice sturdy binding, very firm for a larger book.

  2. these are sooooo pretty!

    I'll have to follow your link to find out about itajime paper (??????)

    oooo you make me want to rush off and make pretty things too!

  3. Your journals are gorgeous! Thank you for showing us.

  4. beautiful work and the papers are gorgeous...

  5. they look great. i especially like the black tapes on the second book--nicely designed.

  6. Thanks all I enjoy the combinations of the different bindings and papers.

  7. Your books are to die for. I would have difficulty choosing a favorite. All are stunning!


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