Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finding my place...

As I continue to explore the idea of journeys, the idea of home and the sense of my place in the world in relation to others I have made another book.  I have had these pages and covers set and sitting in my studio for over 6 months, waiting for the right thing.

I wrote the words and because the two parts have a separate sense or tell a slightly different story, I chose to make a dos-a-dos structure.  For those who are unfamiliar with this binding, it creates two books which share a common back cover. I like the structure as it keeps things together yet apart.

Finding my place
Elegant algorithms,
geographic markers,
mathematical equations,
the movement of the constellations,
degrees of latitude or longitude,
can all locate bodies within time and space.

People, places and events
form the axes of my life
I find myself
and where I am
through the coordinates of those I love
and the things that I have learned.
Fiona Dempster ©2010

I used a single sheet binding, cotton thread, rusted paper, rusted mild steel sheeting and ink jet printing.


  1. Fiona I love the way you have bought all the design elements together in this book. And the use of both rusted covers and pages - so good. BB

  2. i can't SEE this one well enough!!! your pics are fine, i just want more! the poem reminded me of tim ely, sort of a female version of his mapping space matter thing.

  3. this is quite beautiful
    soul searching
    a ritual
    to feel ones place ones truth
    thank you for sharing this

    I love the idea of sharing a binding for two things~

  4. I found your blog today and love it!
    Rust speaks to me too. My first impression was "Oh my god"...this is awesome!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Gaby xo

  5. Welcome Gaby - rust IS great!

    Thank you Tammie - you sense my meaning and I also love the shared binding...allowing togetherness but separateness.

    Velma - I went and discovered Tim Ely's work - he has developed his theme much farther than me; but such delightful pieces.

    Anonymous - thank you; I do love when it all comes together


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