Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sweet Surrender

We got some good news here in the Dempster-Smith household during the week. We had both entered the East Gippsland Artist Book Award 2011  Books... beyond words - evolution and this week BOTH received the happy email saying our books had been accepted!

It's always nice to be included - and a bit sad when you're not.  It's also good to still be in the mix where there are a couple of good prizes going!

Barry's lovely "Spiral" book will be heading south as will my metal book "Surrender".

After a wickedly cold afternoon yesterday; the sun shone a bit today so I took a couple of photos before both the sun and the book disappear.

The cover is engraved freehand using a Dremel (done with last year's broken finger); and the internal words are punched or stamped into the metal. What I love about these images is that they make the stamped letters look more as if they are embossed; coming out of the page towards you rather than having been pushed into page. Intriguing.

The book speaks of surrendering to the elements and to time; letting them do what they will as we submit to their forces...


  1. wow!! that's a really beautiful piece of work and made even more so by the natural elements! simple yet powerful! congrats on being selected :) they would be a fool not to select this beauty!!

  2. Fiona,
    This book is stunning. How could it not have been selected? The idea of punching type into metal like that has given me an idea for something I am working on. May I adapt the technique and use it in some way? It is just wonderful.

  3. Congratulations! Such a wonderful book too. Love that you used rusted elements to make a book about surrendering to the elements.

  4. Congratulations to you both! Love this book. It is simple and yet so effective and as Luthien commented, powerful too.

  5. Warm congratulations to you both! Well deserved and well done.

  6. Love how you've recreated age and wear on these pieces.

  7. Well done Fiona! How lovely for you both. Congratulations!

  8. How exciting! And, might I add, well deserved. The textural elements of this book are beautiful.

  9. Interesting to know that there are lots of books out there that are not just paper. This is a great concept. Congratulations to you both.

  10. i do like this book. congratulations, fiona (and barry, too!). good news, indeed!

  11. mmm lovely book - I really like that punched type!

    its so nice to think that there will be a whole mess of BAO peeps in the show too isn't it... I just wish I could get to SEE some of these booky exhibitions.... sigh....

  12. What a wonderful bunch of supportive notes! Thank you all so much!

    Luthien - thanks I like that it appears simple yet powerful. It's deceptively strong I think.

    Lesley - of course go ahead! Do! We played with this at the workshop the other week...

    Jennifer - yes the rust and Surrender work together don't they. It's partners are Succumb and Submit.

    Thanks Robyn - Barry is chuffed too! I like that it also reads as a book...the pages turn...

    G/TT - thanks so much - little pieces of good news here and there across the globe.

    Annie - the pages were pretty much like that when I came across them; I love how some of the rust peels off the words...

    Thanks Amanda - I hear you'll be there as well?!?! Paris is sounding delightful!

    Thanks Jo - there is a richness to the textures; I'm pleased you like it.

    Yes Jo; I love paper but I also like books without it! Barry's is an intriguing one I think.

    Thanks V -lovely to have your good wishes for us both.

    Ronnie - yeah, pretty cool for the BAO folk; like you I doubt we'll make it down there but it would be a good one to see I think.

    Trace - thank you - it somehow works and is lovely in its rustiness.

  13. Beautiful work Fiona and congratulations to you both on being selected. I love the rust.

  14. Thanks Angela - yes there is a world of folk out there with the love of rust! Thanks for your kind words.

  15. Congrats to you both! Beautiful book!

  16. What a fabulous piece of art!!! It may look simple but there are lots of elements that required great skills.

  17. OTL - thank you, I like the book too!

    Svetlana - thanks for stopping by and commenting; it is a simple book with quite a bit in it if you think about it...glad you enjoyed and appreciated it, go well


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