Monday, July 4, 2011

Acronyms anonymous

I was away for the weekend - having a fabulous break miles away from home with my best friend. We talked, ate, drank, walked, read, talked and slept.  As a result there is no art to show from the weekend.

What I do have is a couple of protypes of letters for my next alphabet with alaw (acronym one - a letter a week,) and some folded paper I have started for my BAO (acronym two - book art object) project - 'paper wrestling'.

With alaw I have felt the desire to fold paper and maybe create 3-D forms. I'm really not sure I'm anywhere near good enough to carry out 3-D paper folding, so I have started with 2-D paper folding and am working my way thru how I might create a 3-D effect. It's such good fun and a little bit of mind-bending goes along with the paper folding; trying to work out just what might happen if I do this or that...

I have had a day of work and admin and meetings and responsibilities and tonight I just wanted to do something. Anything that felt it began in my right brain not my left brain. So as Barry cooked dinner I sat at the kitchen bench and folded these little pouches for my BAO project. I took the photo in the worst possible condition - night time and lots of different light about so the colour looks nothing like this; but they looked so nice all folded and muddled up together they deserved their own photo.


  1. I have struggled through several "folding ideas" as I've wrestled with my paper.
    Hopefully, in a week or so you'll have the result!

  2. Now that's clever! Am still deciding how to present my 'letters', and what medium to use, although the idea has been mulling around in my head for months. When it happens it will all happen at once.

  3. They look gorgeous - nothing like mind numbing keeping the hands busy - a bit like shelling coffee beans, Glad you had a great week end xoxoxo

  4. I am intrigued! And looking forward very much to receiving one in the post in due course... It sounds as if you had a great weekend, Fiona, and will doubtless be both rested and inspired for the week! Sara x

  5. I love the direction you are going in with paper folding, F! It must indeed be an extra challenge having to plot out what might happen as a result of certain moves and project your mind into the potential 3D results. I saw a magnificent paper folding show a few years ago and was in absolute awe not only of the dexterity of technique but the vision required to create such works. All the best to you!

  6. Hey Dinah - its nice to know others have struggled/wrestled with the paper folding...a fun investigation in a way!

    Hi Jo - I am still muddling thru as well - something will go 'snap' sometime soon and I'll be raring to go!

    Ni N- you know that kitchen bench well!

    Thanks Sara - these little bits form part of a larger whole - I hope they work out! Yes refreshing weekends are good for the soul...

    Hi G/TT - I am surprising myself with the pleasure i am taking from folding paper and books and love that there is so much out there to explore. It is forcing me to think beyond what I can see and to make a path towards realisation - in a logical sort of way which can prove tricky for me but it's fun.

  7. LG (looking good!)

    CWTSMVOV (can't wait to see my very own version)

    BAOR (book art object ROCKS!)



  8. These are wonderful Fiona - so clever and interesting! I look forward to seeing more of your paper wrestling project. :)

  9. Hi Ronnie TFYC - thanks for your comment! There is such fun in the BAO exchange - and such specialness in receiving the different books.

  10. Thanks Jane - it has been an interesting time all round, and quite a fun exploration.


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