Wednesday, July 20, 2011

COMA weeds continue

Not quite a series of disaster shots; but as ever, art does stuff that you never quite imagine or anticipate, and then have to adapt to.

I tested the ink on a spare canvas - and it was bold and black. I started writing on this canvas and it was all washed out and grey - something was repelling it in places perhaps?  Once I'd made a start, I just figured I'd keep going and see where I ended up.

The contact held pretty well and the letters went down fine - its such a free and friendly script to play with. In the end I was OK with the variegated ink - it could almost be considered a design element if you half-close your eyes and think positive thoughts.

Here are some shots with the contact still on - I like the way the ink over the top leaves a residue on the contact. Why is it that it is so often the weird things that appeal the most?

After I'd done the writing I was worried that because there were quite a lot of large white spaces left, that the form of the weed (initially done in contact) wouldn't show up at all well when the contact was pulled off. I thought that the image would bleed into the surrounding white space and become quite non-descript and ill-defined. I spoke to Barry about the possibility of tracing a fine black line around the image to help it become more visible and 'legible' as weed, and then gave it a go.

So far I think it works, altho at times I am tempted to make the line darker and more obvious, testing the balance between 'obvious' and 'weak'.

And just to prove that if I can do it once, I can do it again - here's my right index finger AGAIN after netball last night. So far, initial reports are no fractures, but maybe more chipping of cartilage of bone. Barry is now chief helper in the studio when cutting, or carrying things. Hmm lessons to be learnt perhaps?


  1. I Like the outline - looks like the ink had bled - so glad the finger is not broken xoxoxo

  2. Not ANOTHER finger Fiona!... Oh the hazards of netball.
    What you refer to as 'weird' I'd choose to call a 'happy accident'. I love those.

  3. I LOVE this piece Fiona, seeing as how I don't know what you wanted, it's no disaster to these eyes, just love what you have ended up with. Sorry about the finger.....have you thought of another sport?

  4. ouchie!

    I KNEW I was right not taking up netball (the fact that I was completely crap at the sport of course did not influence my decision) .....

    hope you can stil; get the important stuff done (like arty work!)

  5. Contact? Are we talking paper or sports here?

  6. Ooh that finger looks painful! And I bet you never realized how often you give it a "little bump" in the course of the day.
    And on art: It seems to me that no matter how many tests you do, making art still brings surprises with it - and often they are quite lovely.

  7. Your finger does not look too good- looks painful-- so sorry. I love the elusive quality of the printing- the dark fading to ghost -- nice effect.

  8. Fiona,
    Those photographs are works of art in themselves. Imagine them used as screenprints with other images.... anyway this work is just wonderful and the variation in ink intensity seems to add a depth to it that I personally like. Can't wait to see the whole thing after these tantalising glimpses! Lesley

  9. Thanks Noela - I'm glad too!

    Jo - I love a happy accident too; and yes, I never knew there were so many hazards on the court!

    Hi Liz - thanks! It's nice when someone sees a piece with fresh eyes, and likes it. I am considering my options re health and fitness shall I say. Fingers are too precious to me.

    Hi Ronnie - yes it's a bit of a bummer when you are right handed; the finger is mightily involved in cutting board, and holding pens and....

    Dinah - Laugh! So true contact or no-contact!?!?!

    Amanda - I agree - I keep going to bend it and ouch, or think I'll move my hand in a certain way only to realise it is still sticking up there and it hits something! Art is an adventure is it not, and lots of wonderful happy accidents happen along the way.

    Donna - Thank you; I am recovering for sure - in the end I think the ghost look works OK as well.

    Thank you Lesley - how lovely! I can see the screen prints now. Don't you just love a tease?

  10. I love this piece too! I am a sucker for masks. I'm drawn to pieces that use letters for texture and background. I remember a piece you did for the letter "R" using similar techniques. Take care of your digits, Fiona; they're our best tools! :)


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