Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

Books had instant replay long before televised sports.
Bern Williams

I smiled when I read this as we are in the midst of much sporting madness in Queensland this week. Strangely enough its me who loves sport and keeps up to date; whilst Barry describes himself as "interested, but slightly sports-challenged". I always read the sports pages and make sure I get to watch the netball and rugby union when its televised; and you really don't want to be sitting next to me when a game gets tight and I'm passionate about the winner/loser!

The other reason I smile now is that I went and checked out who this guy was/is and its quite hilarious to discover that no-one really knows and that whilst there are plenty of quotes attributed to him (and most of them quite funny) nobody can definitely name or describe him. Some folk now put his name in "quotes" when they quote him!

But that's quite the digression...

Despite all of that, it's quite true. Books always let you go back over them, re-read paragraphs or remind yourself of something. Despite their traditional linear progress; they always let you go into reverse, press pause and clarify something.  They let you discover the world within at your own pace.

It's pretty special when you think about it. Nothing is actually lost or unable to be retrieved; you just have to go back and check.

Searching for an image about going back and checking, I came across this piece I did years ago - more about when too much information stresses you out; but it gave me the sense of "wrong way - go back" when I looked at it tonight and thought; yes a book lets you stop when you are feeling confused or chaotic, and just go back, sort and settle. Freeways on the other hand...


  1. Interesting post Fiona... a little mystery. The image is great... shows you have had a flair for design for a long time. Looks like you are a 'North Shore' girl... me too.

  2. So true.I'm sure, even if there had been TV when I was a child, I would have still been a bookworm.
    (And I watch RU and soccer with the sound off!)

  3. reminds me of the 70s song "signs".
    and sports? really?!!!!!

  4. Hi Jo - The image was after a trip to the NS - you know the harbour tunnel and all that info flashing past and the fear you'll end up in the wrong lane!?! Yes - a bit if fun mystery re this guy I reckon.

    Dinah - I agree - books are there for the re-reading and TV doesn't really come close.

    Velma - I know what a confession!


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