Monday, July 11, 2011

On the road again...

We are heading back to the Northern Territory for a few days this week - a true 'flying visit' - and I am really hoping that the road from Alyangula to Umbakumba has been improved.

We last visited just after the wet and the trip took an hour and a half to do about 30km (18 or so miles) in a big 4WD. It was bumpy, loads of holes and washouts and water was across the road in about 8 places (we got to know them well) so you really had to take your time, and hold on tight.

It is now the dry season and there is a commitment to seal the road and we are looking forward to that experience - perhaps it will only take 45 minutes this time!

Here are a couple of small videos of our last drive up the can hear things jiggling and jangling as we hit potholes and the odd conversation about the best way to cross the water in the dark. Fortunately on this last trip most of the water had gone down and it wasn't too deep - the first trip the water came right up to the bonnet which made me take a few big breaths in.


  1. ahkkk! you might meet my folks going back the other way (they are presently camping out in Katherine.... heading back towards Q any day now...) according to my mummy and daddy - very seasoned and intrepid 4WD camping folk - the roads in the north are in a dreadful condition after the last huge floods - they have had to backtrack when many of their usual trails have been suddenly totally impassable .... fingers crossed you have better luck... (ps the folks have a BT50, it has a weird camper thingy on the back and they are towing a 4WD caravan - both have NSW plates....wave nicely if you see them!)

  2. Your videos remind me of the quote by D.L. Doctorow. "You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way". Of course, he was talking about writing... :-)

  3. Spooky! Looks like the beginning of a horror film...... WATCH OUT!

  4. Sounds like such an adventure Fiona, you title reminded me of Willie Nelson's song, "on the road again" I loved this song when I was a kid, on school holidays we went on road trips travelling up north, it prompted fond memories, cheersta! Hope your travels this time are smoother and you arrive home safe and sound. K x

  5. Ronnie - it's true what your folks say; the roads really did take a beating in the wet. We kept an eye out for them...

    Donna - what a fabulous quote, Barry and I talked about it as we drove along. So absolutely true and we shared with our car rental guy.

    Jo - it does have that feel to it doesn't it, like anything could happen, leap out etc. But it's really pretty safe!

    Hi Anna - thanks, and we did!

    Kim - yep, me too; I always sing that song as soon I set out on a road trip! we travelled safe and are glad to be home.

  6. The videos are a great touch - how clever! There's a painting in that headlight imagery xoxoxo


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