Saturday, July 16, 2011

Book Art Object - so close!

Despite the trip north earlier in the week; I have managed to get down to the studio each day we have been home and progress the little books for BAO.

My efforts would appear to be very timely as I received two more books in the mail this week from Alison and Carol.  Both very gorgeous and I'll post on them a bit later.

I have folded, glued, stuck, stitched and beaded my books. I have ended up with an edition of 18 which I find quite remarkable.  I only have to wrap and pack them and post them off on Monday - yee ha!

As I say in my note to the other makers...

Reflecting on the journey, this book has been a constant thought companion for nearly a year; with sketches made here and here, ideas and options tested and trialled. At times I thought I would never settle on an approach and get started; but bit by bit, I narrowed down the options and made decisions.


The whole process was enjoyable, frustrating, perplexing and wonderful all at once and I can’t wait to do it all again!

Once I have sent them all off and given Australia Post and others enough time to deliver them across the country and over to Canada, I will give you a proper showing of the whole book. In the interim; here's a sneak peak of some of the bits. Enjoy!


  1. how incredibly enticing...
    can't wait to see it in full detail!

  2. It seems that calligraphers and book artists are soooooo organised... and you are testament to this, Fiona. I look forward to the next photos.

  3. F- these are looking good - love the detail. B

  4. Yes, Fiona, you've struck familiar chords; I agonised for ages (too long, as I've yet to send mine out!)over form, content,material.
    But this, surely, is a part of the artistic seiving.

  5. 18?!

    My! I have been working for a couple of weeks on 2 books!

    They look intriguing.

  6. Ah Ronnie - its not like you ever tease right!?!?!

    Thanks N- little snippets can fire the imagination!

    Anna - I'm pleased you feel enticed - most of the BAO books have been revealed little by little haven't they?

    Hi Jo - I wonder if there is a link? I know I have to be super-organised for work and I also know that calligraphers are kind of perhaps that's the drawcard?

    Thanks B- some lovely little details there.

    Di - At some point I just have to decide on ONE thing, and then let the rest work it out from there; with this project it took me ages to commit to anything!

    Leslie - well yes, this seems to have taken a year to get to 18; and the idea of an edition is quite challenging; but also very satisfying. I hope you are enjoying your two books - that's how I usually make them too!

  7. looks very exciting! so much hard work I can see.

  8. ... and a delicious peek too! Lovely images, Fiona. I used to make many little books as a child. If only I had thought of adding beads!

  9. Hi Abigail - I've been following your efforts - and there's a lot of hard work there too!

    Robyn - thanks; I kind of love the sneak peaks too. Beads are a new thing for me; but I think they work!


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