Saturday, March 3, 2012

I see red, I see red , I see red...

Australians or New Zealanders with an eighties music growing up phase may recognise that title and its link to Split Enz - but for everyone else; it's really just about the books!

I planned to blog on something else entirely today - so now that will happen tomorrow - but I was just so delighted with where my stitching took me today that I thought it had to be this instead.

Quiet excitement in the Dempster-Smith household.

I am working away on my first edition of books for bookartobject  working with the theme "the subversive stitch". Today I finished the last of twenty covers which seemed like quite a milestone. Of course, 20 books will be a far greater one, but for now I am enjoying what the covers have to offer...

Oh dear me, I am totally in love with the look of these.

The sewing machine continued to behave and we had a friendly afternoon together, listening to the radio and stitching away merrily.

I have also taken on the challenge of doing ANOTHER title (and therefore ANOTHER edition of about 18-20 books... not sure what I was thinking) and the next series is something like "snow falling in daylight" which I think is rather lovely as well, yet quite different. So I have started putting my thinking cap on for that edition as well.

Sorry for the mad, random, rambling post - I am just happy with where this is all headed!


  1. really fantastic pics! (love that first one in particular)

  2. F- so that is what happens in that studio - just love the texture that the multiples of red covers and their threads have created - beautiful - and slightly .... B

  3. I'm. In. Love.

    Absolutely mesmerizing! I'm sitting here just itching to touch the stitches as they run across the paper, obscuring (sort of) the words. And the loose threads! What a textural and visual delight all round!

    My apologies for the numerous exclamations marks, but they were necessary. Now quick! I need to look at your work again.

  4. No wonder you are in love with these covers, Fiona. They are visually exciting as well as a little mysterious since I'm not too sure what it's all about. Will you be making 20 books which will be distributed between members of BAO ..... like a swap?

  5. they look great! Can't wait to see what they will cover...

  6. Your excitement is bubbling up all the way here!! They look great.

  7. Not only am I looking forward to being a happy recipient of one of these books (I'm in group 2 also)the title of the post took me back to the late 70's. We saw Split Enz when they started touring the UK. Theatrical, wierd and wonderful. Wonder if I can dig out my old tapes?

  8. My God... what a massive exercise... you ARE a glutton for punishment... but you've nailed it! Those stitches are indeed subversive. The books will be worth waiting for.

  9. The graphic quality of this work is wonderful! It's always a joy to visit here! Thank you. . .

  10. I love your latest posts. So intriguing to look at. So intriguing to see how your creative mind works. So interested in seeing what happens next. : )

  11. I had a lot of fun with the camera and these Ronnie - so many lovely threads...

    B - ah yes, the secrets of the studio! The multiples really make a difference don't they?

    Oh Jennifer - I'm smiling! I love running my fingers thru those threads (you can imagine how many bobbins and two complete reels of cotton). The stitches on the paper thru the words feel nice as well.

    Thanks Robyn. Yes I will make up to 20 books - one copy goes to each person in my group (8 or 9) one copy goes to the author (Sarah Bodman) and one or two copies are kept fore exhibitions/competitions.

    Thanks Anna - yes, that would be my next challenge!

    Nice to know the excitement bubbled up to over there Annie! Such fun!

    Hi Jac - I'm glad you are looking forward to your copy. And fancy Split Enz being known there! They were VERY theatrical!

    Thanks Jo - It's a little bit addictive this BAO thing I must say; must be why I offered to try a second edition this time round!

    Thank you Gloria - I'm glad you enjoy visiting. These images are very graphic in the nicest possible way...I really enjoyed playing with the camera and seeing how to show the loveliness...

    LL - thank you! Yes, you (I) never know where things might take me next...I'm glad you enjoy your visits, Go well F

  12. goodness, what is not to love? the work itself is fascinating... but then photography allows for another exploration - i have come to be so grateful for that...
    really lovely -

  13. I can feel your excitement Fiona and no wonder - I'd be excited too if I'd created these - happy red stitching days

  14. I think you've cornered the market in red thread Fiona. Have you cleared out all the suppliers? What magic you are creating with it though. Love your dedication to the task and the passion for stitch that it's generating.

  15. Just so delightful....the color and the alternating order and wildness of those threads! Cheers!


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