Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pebble happiness

I have had a couple of great days in the studio - working on a small commission, writing out some poetry and playing with forms, embossing bits and pieces and stitching a small book.  Nothing much for show yet, rather more the sense of soaking in my right brain, being nourished by creativity and of feeling at peace.

That lovely drift into the creative zone where time kind of stands still and you go from here to there, pick up this, try that...


Some of my playing time was spent with my Habu threads and my pebbles.

Whilst in New York we had a lovely catch up with another blogging buddy Mary Jane who, like Jennifer braved a train ride into the city to meet these two Aussies on holiday! We visited the Rubin Museum which was filled with glorious and beautiful Himalayan art and Tibetan art. We spent hours together gazing, learning and chatting. Afterwards MJ had asked if we could take her to Habu - of course we could! I really wanted to go back and get more of a stash if I could, so it was my absolute  pleasure to have an added reason to visit.

After we had drooled at all the loveliness in the shop, we walked back to Penn Station together, and talked about the threads. All I kept thinking was I want to wrap pebbles. I want to wrap rocks.  No idea why, but that was the little voice calling to me as I thought about those beautiful threads. So over the weekend, I did.

©2012 Fiona Dempster - pebble wrapped in Gear Linen
©2012 Fiona Dempster - pebble wrapped in paper moire
©2012 Fiona Dempster - pebble wrapped  in kibiso silk
©2012 Fiona Dempster - pebbles wrapped in L to R: linen paper cotton, knitted ramie linen tape, raw silk wrapped paper,  paper moire, Gear linen, kibiso silk, printed silk gima, silk gima, silk gima
©2012 Fiona Dempster - Habu threads in bowl.
All in all a great couple of days of pottering and playing. And if you want to see what makes me feel extra happy at the end of the day - have a look at what Barry did...


  1. these all take my eye..... every one of those different threads is just yummy! I'd love to know more about them - not to mention to touch them!

  2. When I get back home, I'll share a shot of my own Habu stash. There's nothing yummier for wrapping stones...or anything else actually. Love the simplicity of the threads against the stones.

  3. Hi Fiona, I can;'t believe it has taken me this long to become a follower, I often pop over here from Barry's blog to see what you are up to. Such stunning work here - and over at Barry's. I know that urge to wrap - I wrapped herbs and sticks while in graduate school, I think maybe to have some plants around in the city. Love the wrapped stones. I've been feeling the urge to wrap again, but not sure exactly what.

    Oh, and such a lovely portable shrine you have!

  4. the smile on my face goes ear to ear right now - i remember us standing at the elevator and discussing the wrapped rocks...
    now here is the funny part - yesterday i was down by the beach looking for smooth worn rocks to use myself! there is something about those fibers that call to be used in an organic manner...
    these are just beautiful...

  5. Love these little rocks Fiona....I often have the urge to wrap things as simple and elegant. And what a quiet meditation they are, lined up in a row, their muted colors playing off so nicely against each other. Timeless stillness!

  6. What a lovely contrast of the soft/nubby/wrappable threads against the smooth/hard pebbles...I love how you've managed to give them each their own unique personality...
    - Lisa

  7. The rocks wrapped in such wonderful threads are gorgeous....seem so meditative and tactile...

  8. The combination of textures from the nobbly yarn and the smooth pebbles is delicious Fiona. How lovely to have a couple of days in right brain mode. Sounds heaven and looks so productive!

  9. love how you put these exquisite threads in crystal! how beautiful. i HAVE to go to habu!

  10. the fibers look nice wearing stones

  11. Amazing how a simple concept draws you in. I want to touch, and think about the stories attached to these simple stones, made imprtant by their clothes.

  12. F-I was there patiently hanging about in the same shop and I did not know that these two beautiful objects/textures would be so creatively linked. B

  13. I'll have to bring them with me next time I'm down your way Ronnie - they are intriguing and I am sure there is a whole history in there of how they are made...

    Excellent Jennifer - I look forward to comparing stashes! They do seem just right don't they? I am now imagining a shoe bowl or vase filled with them...

    Thank you Valerianna - I'm glad to know you pop over and now follow! Wrapping is quite a desire isn't it? I just knew I had to. Have fun discovering where your wrapping urge will lead...

    Oh - how very SNAP of us MJ! I love that you heard the stone-wrapping song just when I did! I hope you found some - the contrast between thread and stone is wonderful - the thread adds warmth to the stones I think...Enjoy and share your wrapping!

    Hi Pati - what a lovely phrase - timeless stillness. They are quiet and meditative and gentle aren't they? It's fun to discover so many other wrappers exist!

    Thanks Lisa - it's a bit different isn't it? I like the contrast too. They are sitting there a bit like babies wrapped or swaddled - all in a row.

    Thank you Cynthia - smooth stone and soft cotton; they are very tactile and I'm glad that comes across!

    Hi Lesley - yes the days were special and left some room for play like this to happen - no mad rush, deadline or demand. The combinations and contrasts are just lovely I think.

    Perfect V - fibres wearing stones! And yes, the bundles deserve the crystal don't you think?

    Thanks Jo - I love how it happened and worked; the little pebbles wearing the thread...lovely!

    Ah B - it's good that we all see things differently. I must admit I didn't know either until the voices whispered...

  14. ~i have wrapped stones with wire but never thought to use bits of my fibers around such...a simple thought with a beautiful well and much love light and blessings~

  15. wow! I just called Habu Textiles today to place an order.. and did not realize that I could visit their shop in person when I go to NYC in May!
    I am going to add a visit to my list of museums and galleries. Love all your habu threads and your wrapped rocks.

  16. Hi Brandi - so many wrappers amongst seems a natural thing to do. Have fun with your own wrapping!

    That's great news Donna - it's a funny shop to find - no street signage and on the 8th floor I think, but well worth a visit...

  17. Really beautiful - showing the threads and stones at there very best - such wonderful inspiration to sit and look at these each day in your studio - happy peaceful and creative days!

  18. hi Rosie - they work really well together as a combination don't they? Thank you for your wishes - happy, peaceful and creative days; I could ask for nothing better Go well, F

  19. I love
    these wrapped pebbles
    and thanks to you and Jennifer
    I found Habu right here
    in my neck of the woods
    along with you
    calm, quiet and peaceful...

    xox - eb.

  20. Sorry I let this one go without a proper comment! Simply stated, I am in love with these wrapped pebbles. Such a strange notion, and yet it seems so perfectly natural.

  21. Hi eb - glad you caught the wrapping bug, AND found Habu - how cool! It is such a gnelte and meditative process..

    I'm glad they made you fall in love G/TT - I did as well! as you say, an odd combination which on reflection is perfect -they are clearly made for each other! Continue to enjoy my friend...(and go forth and wrap if you so desire!)

  22. Ooohhhhhh ..... the wrapping bug is contageous. I have this yearning to wrap rocks. Your wrapped rocks are exquisite Fiona. I imagine it is quite a meditative process.

  23. Hi Robyn - yes i think it is...I say go wrap rocks! It is beautiful bringing together of things and yes, quietly meditative.


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