Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rainbow rings or cabin fever?

I don't usually blog on Wednesdays, but these images made me smile and brightened my day.

We live on a mountain and it has been shrouded in mist most every day for a week; showers scudding past; clouds drifting up from the valley; occasional moments of sunshine.  My little project 'the unbearable whiteness of summer' has had a real kick along; even if it's now autumn, and I might need to re-think the title.

Most days have been soft and gentle.  I love the mist, but am a bit over all the rain (and I know we missed two other big wet episodes when we were travelling, so I really shouldn't complain).  The rain makes it hard to get out and doesn't encourage one to go wandering - in case a torrential shower bursts upon you. So a kind of cabin-fever sets in...

I bought myself some 'hair elastics' as we call them, to keep my hair out of the way when I am exercising. I unpacked them and discovered to my delight that here was a rainbow within!  So of course I photographed them...

And given its an Olympic year and all - I liked them as the Olympic Rings (plus)!

So nothing particularly artistic; just a bit of light fun on another grey day.


  1. What fun! So nice to start the day smiling, all thanks you and your hair elastics. Hope it's a wonderful autumn day over there. Spring has arrived here...actually summer given the temps...this week, that is. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Jennifer - glad you got a smile form them at the start of your day! I couldn't help but do a happy dance when I found the rainbow - madness! Like the weather everywhere...summer!?!?!

    That's great Lesley - silly little happy colours - we all need a bit of silly-madness every now and again.

  3. Fiona....the perfect rainbow pick-me-up! We are having the rainy, misty, cloud-shrouded kind of day you speak of....the mist has nearly obscured Nebraska across the river. I guess I wont' complain, as we need the rain, but sure do appreciate your rainbow of hair elastics!

  4. Must go get some of those... have an idea for a collage.

  5. Hello Fiona - I think all of us who live here in amongst the mist and rain with you have a smile on their face after enjoying your rainbow blog this morning. I am aching to have the sunshine back - maybe we can wish upon your rainbow?

  6. Hi Patti - we are sharing the mist around then it seems! It's quite a lovely sensation and look; but the odd rainbow smile helps!

    Well there you go Jo - glad you have been inspired! Maleny IGA sells them...

    Hi Susan - yes I think we love the mist, but we also miss the sunshine. I'll wish upon a rainbow for sure to see the rain go!

  7. ~art created from an uncommon item...i would say you were a bit productive!!! you had fnu and played...sending glimpses of sunshine your way...much love light and blessings~

  8. Thanks for the sunshine Brandi - we are having a few more days with sun this week which is lovely. It's always good to find art in unexpected places...


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