Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...

“Picking five favorite books is like picking the five body parts you’d most like not to lose.”

Neil Gaiman

This really tickled my fancy so to speak...and seemed like such a great way to describe the squirm and discomfort I feel whenever anybody asks me for my favourite books. Books become favourites for all sorts of different reasons, and at different times.

I often find myself being almost incoherent when I try to describe why I love a book so much. I find it hard to express how it moved me or made me feel; without sounding a bit unhinged.  Book Group helps me focus my thinking and marshall my arguments around why I liked or didn't like a certain book; but the ones I love...they are much harder to speak about.

Our favourite books are part of a whole life of reading; most of which, for me, has been great. Our favourite books are unique and can't easily be compared. We may love them for their beautiful writing and descriptions, or for their characters which we identify strongly with; or for the story that transported us away; or for their validation of an important point; or whatever.

It almost seems a bit disloyal to all the other fabulous books I have read to even try and pick five...

©2009 Fiona Dempster - pick a book, any book...


  1. Oh! I love that quote. Got a little chuckle out it too. Funny, I can tell you my favorite authors, but favorite books... Like you, there have been too many to choose just five.

    Your journals in the photo are wonderful. I hope they all found good homes.

  2. my feelings EXACTLY! or how about the desert island and only one book. impossible. anyway, i, too, am speechless at the idea of a favorite book or poem or quote. how do people DO that???

  3. Depends on the day - or moment - BOOKS are my oxygen, and I can't choose just one molecule of the whole.

  4. Well said! I must admit I got a kindle, and it is not the same as reading an "actual book"! I miss the feel of the book, turning the pages, such a tactile quality that is difficult to describe. I love all your beautiful books in the photo.

  5. So true Jennifer - I can 't always bring to mind the best and the most beautiful; but I do know books and authors to recommend...

    On reflection, most of the journals no loner abide with me.

    Hi Velma- absolutely! How impossible! It seems so simplistic and often just a game to name one - and then most folk prefer if it is a cool book. Sigh.

    I agree entirely Valerianna - the whole works together; all of the books we read add something and are unique in what the offer/do for us - just like ears and eyes and eyelashes and nostrils...

    Hi Cynthia - I think they have their place; but as you say,nothing replaces a good book in the hand!

  6. "I find it hard to express how it moved me or made me feel; without sounding a bit unhinged". .... ha ha I know how you feel. There are times when I get quite emotional about a book and tend to over enthuse... until my daughter gives me the look. (The look that says..oh behave!)

  7. Glad you can understand Robyn - I do sound a bit mad and incoherent when I try to express these things! I love that you get the look!


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