Sunday, March 18, 2012

A passion for pebbles

I'll never know how or why I begin to wander along a path and then seem to find more and more things that connect with it.  It's almost like an awareness of something then makes it possible for other associations to be made with it; or perhaps there's some sort of subconscious magnetism going on where things are drawn to each other.

No matter how or why it happens, I am eternally grateful that it does!

Its the pebble thing.  I began wrapping pebbles last week and in my odd moments, when I had no better thing to do, I kept wrapping them. They are now beginning to fill a square vase that I have, and I am enjoying watching the stash grow higher.

I have found it a gentle, quiet, meditative thing to do when I have only half an hour so and can't really get into a proper piece of work. I listen to the radio and gently snip, wrap, snip....

Of course this then triggered me to pick up the words I had been practising my italic on a while ago; and go find some organza from the cupboard (and even iron it a bit!) and then start hand stitching the words into pebble shapes. Or at least that's how they appear to me.

I am pondering what to do with the fabric once I have stitched enough words into it - but for the moment I just like the pebble forms.


  1. You can't see, but I'm sitting in Starbucks, enjoying a bit of quiet time and am wearing the biggest grin after reading and viewing this post. I love the inspiration, the thought process, the transition from real pebbles to sewn ones. And the addition of words! Shear genius. Keep listening to your muse for she's definitely whispering.

    Perhaps the sewn word pebbles can be cut and allowed to drift into the bowl to mingle with the wrapped pebbles? Just a thought...

    Now, back to gazing at your post and grinning. Enjoy! Jennifer

  2. What is it about pebbles that makes us react with such tenderness? I'm enjoying following your thoughts and the progression of pebble groupings and creations.

  3. The sewn pebbles are delicate - and also like little word islands in a sea of organza, quite elegant.

    I have a similar dialog going between stones and paper. I started painting ancient symbols on stones one day, and got quite addicted. After doing this for quite some time, I began to see how they were like standing stones to me and many other things. One day while drawing with ink, I began making similar designs as on the stones. Then THOSE became addictive and now I have spiral stones and spiral ink drawings and love the way they relate and yet are so different because of the materiality of each.

  4. I do love those soft roundish pebble shapes....they keep showing up for me too! I love the wrapping of them and the way they look nestled in the jar! And the stitching of the beautiful!!

  5. I think you're on to something wonderful here. Have I told you lately how much I love your work?!! So inspiring and I love to hear your unfolding process. Happy day, HOlly

  6. ~fiona...this little path your wandering of wrapping is producing a very mindful beautiful vase of stones...theraputic...intentions quietly being held...wrapped and placed one by one as you complete their fibre cirlce...

    the organza...ever so delicate...and your stiching is amazing...

    i like the thought from jennifer of cutting them out and allowing them to drift and well and much love light and blesings~

  7. Have you seen Neva Gagliano's blog "Openings Connecting"? She has done a whole series of wrapped rocks called "Rapt Rocks". You should google her if you haven't and check out her stuff. Along the same lines as you here. Love the sewn words!

  8. I'm always inspired by the tiny touches in your blog.

  9. Just follow the muse Fiona. It has never let you down in the past and wherever this goes it will be fascinating.

  10. Fiona, you a such a delightful specimen! You have probably the most creativite soul I have encountered. I love reading what you have been up to - each time so different. Inspiring woman!

  11. Your pebbles are lovely! And I scrolled down to your book of Thursday Thoughts-I don't know how I missed that . . . Anyway I love the book-congrats to you for finishing another wonderful project!

  12. I love the wrapped pebbles (the sams creek crew have bowls of unwrapped pebbles - maybe I could convinced them wrapping pebbles would be a nice way to spend a school holiday?)

  13. What fun! I have no doubt you will figure out the next step in you journey of pebbles and stitched words!

  14. Much of your work seems reflective or meditative. You are probably the calmest person I know. Thank goodness there's one.

  15. Hi Jennifer - I can't see, but I did imagine! I love your idea of a drift of fabric thank you! The connections and jumping from here to there and leading from this to that intrigue me greatly.

    Oh Robyn - tenderness is exactly what I feel when I hold the pebbles, thank you for expressing it so well! There must be something in their form, the softness of their line...

    Thank you so much valerian - little word islands in a sea...and I love your story of engagement with pebbles and stones and the mysterious travels they take you on.

    Thanks V!

    Hi Patti - its interesting isn't it how the form comes into play and repeats in different ways for each of us and for each other across the miles...

  16. Thank you Hollis! Glad to hear you enjoy the unfolding, and the ramblings of the creative mind as it wanders along. Happy days to you as well.

    Thanks Teri - I haven't so shall go explore. It' one of the little amusements how many folk find a similar path or explore align parallel lines...

    Thank you too Teri - it's an eclectic mix at times, so I am pleased people stick with it!

    Thank you Lesley - when you are working as one with the muse it's wonderful, and I trust it. Other days Either I can't hear her or she's not talking - one piece at the moment she appears to have gone silent on!

    Thank you Louise - how wonderful! As I said above; my creative mind and space is a bit eclectic at times; but it's a great life!

    Thank yo Jane - the pebbles are little companions in a way; and thank you too for your comments on the book, I do love it so.

    Hi Ronnie - great idea! I imagine their imaginations could go wild.

    Thanks Cynthia - it has been great fun, and I'm sure something will happen next...

    Hi Jo - I am coming to conclusion that that is very much the way I work - slowly, quietly, meditatively...calm is a good state of mind I think (but there are moments of all the others for sure!)


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