Sunday, March 25, 2012

A week of this and that...

I seem to be heading in several directions at the moment, with lots of different projects on the go.  I have two commissions I am working on; and these always take a lot of time, working thru the options, figuring out if you're on the mark or not, double checking and triple-thinking.

I also have an exciting opportunity coming up as a featured artist in an a exhibition; and the curator spent some time with us this week looking at work and making selections.

I continue to potter away at my letters for A Letter a Week; and I have been wrapping pebbles whenever I needed to stop thinking and just do.

Here are the next four letters...sitting nice and quietly as they do.

And the pebble jar is filling...

In amongst it all I have also been continuing to work on the pages of the book I made at the Glen Skien workshop a month or so ago.

Whilst I enjoyed the whole day and the experimentation; the pages that I ended up with weren't quite 'me' in some way. Generally I am a 'less is more' kind of gal, and yet for some reason, the pages demanded to be worked on again. Even after they had been stitched into a book!

I kept the book on some newspaper on a bench and each day dribbled some ink over the pages - nothing too dramatic, just something with a bit of strength and character.  Then later this week I chose to apply some of my scraps of gold leaf in places.  I like that the pages are a bit more multi-dimensional now; they seemed a bit flat to me before or something. Anyhow, it's edging closer to being finished.

It will always be a wonderful workshop reminder book; and a reminder of the challenge for me to keep working into something, when I usually want to stop way sooner.


  1. I know a few stones that could do with wrapping. Unfortunately, having so many stones on the beach here would need a life of devotion and sound to me like your enjoying being busy on many projects. Keep going!!

  2. The gold leaf adds a whole new dimension to the pages that is just wonderful. And, of course, the wrapped stones drew a sigh of delight. Sounds like you've had quite a week. Enjoy! Jennifer

  3. Fiona,
    I find your wrapped pebbles to be quite peaceful even in viewing, so I can imagine that it is quite meditative and soothing in the actual wrapping. Maybe that is what I need on my frenzied, too much that needs done kind of days... to just stop and wrap some stones.

    Your sites are a blessing,

  4. to annie above, i can see someone devoting a life to wrapping stones. hmmm.

    anyway, fiona, the book is looking very good. i love where you keep going with it.

  5. i like piling stones...and from time to time, wrap and pile as well...except that my wrapping takes the form of cloth and leaves, which generally then beg to be unwrapped again at some point

    i wandered here from Donna's blog, so glad i did.

  6. I like a bit a bit of this and that Fiona! I can identify with the need to keep fiddling with something when it tells you it is not yet finished and the idea of contemplative wrapping has great appeal when, as you say, there is the desire to be doing as a respite from too much thinking!

  7. Annie - I laughed! I had this image of an old and wizened woman still walking the beach collecting stones to wrap, and it never ends..wrapping, wrapping, wrapping.

    Thanks Jennifer - yes the week had been full and fairly productive. The gold is another highlight as you say - I'm not sure it's finished yet; but definitely much closer.

    Thank you so much Helen - they are truly calming - even just to gaze at I agree. I love sitting there when I am rushed or buzzing; and for half an hour it slows me down and centres me. Pebbles as therapy perhaps!

    Thanks for the book encouragement V - it is edging closer Ihtink; and its fascinating form to want to keep working something!

    Thanks Jo!

    Thanks India(na) - there's a real joy to be found n the wrapping Ihtink; and of course for you the unwrapping! It's nice to connect in different ways and find somethings we all enjoy.

    Ah yes Lesley - a bit of this and that is very important to me! I do get a bit bored otherwise. I'm surprised to still be working this book; but it did tell me to! And the wrapping as doing when I am buzzing is perfect quiet time, drifting.

  8. The added ink and the gold leaf make your pages come alive, Fiona. Loving those pebbles!

  9. Thanks Robyn - they needed a lift! I love those pebbles too...


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