Sunday, September 18, 2016

Collagraph workshop

In what has been pretty much a whirlwind of printmaking it seems, last weekend, I was fortunate to attend Day 1 of a two day collagraph workshop with the Maleny Printmakers.

I will miss Day 2, but I really wanted to learn bit about collagraphs and really enjoyed getting a better idea of how to make these interesting plates.

Jackie L and Kim H were our fearless guides; both know so much about what they do and it was great to be able to ask a million questions and photograph the materials they use - which glue for what for example.

One of Jacky's plates and a print (plate on right)

Delicious details...

 I was lacking somewhat in imagination, but did want to test different textures - so a basic old townscape.

With clouds! Laugh.

Experimenting with thick PVA and drawing into it

And then cutting into it after it had dried a bit

 And also playing with cutting out shapes, peeling back cardboard...

Susan also came along and talked to us about embossing which was a real treat - she does it soooooo  well!

And then it was on to encaustic collagraphs with Kim - heat guns and wax yum!
Here is one of Kim's plates and one of her prints

Here is one of my plates waxed, fund and scraped (the before shot)

And here it is a after a blast with the heat gun...

Delicious fun - now to shellac the plates and ink them up!


  1. Hi Fiona, I can't wait to see how your plates turn out! It looks like you're having LOTS of fun :-) Sara

    1. Thanks Sara - I think anything could happen here! I have no idea what I'll do next, but the plates are shellacked at least!

  2. Encaustic collagraph plates is a new one to me Fiona and I can't wait to see these plates inked up and printed, particularly where you have carved back into them. This was the first technique I ever learned and I love it still. Simple looking plates can deliver such sophisticated prints with clever inking up techniques. Do show and tell!!!

    1. I have this feeling Lesley that I might make fun plates, but that if the real skill lies in inking up then I'm done for! Will see what happens next...and if reasonable I will share I promise!


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