Tuesday, September 20, 2016

International Day of Peace

Tomorrow (21 September) is International Day of Peace.

Each year since 2012, Barry and I have hung peace flags in the tree at the top of our driveway - and sometimes in other places around the block - to mark and celebrate International Day of Peace.

This year we have hung Barry's copper peace doves; and some of my imagine peace letterpress cards.

Lovely rough jute string works so well with the soft dove grey and creamy white.

Waiting together in the tray...

Some lovely details...

And then into the tree!

It was a grey old day when we hung them but they are fluttering away in the breeze, sharing messages of peace which is what we need.

This year's plus part of last year's...

 Barry's dove's silhouette so beautifully...

Tucked into the branches

And looking up from the bottom of the driveway

One neighbour has already stopped and asked is it time for the peace messages again? And yes it is, and yes it always is in a way...


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.