Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Experimental words

Words are important to me. As I mentioned back here, they have also offered me a way back into making, and thinking like I want to make art again.

It was the simple decision (in one of those lengthy talks one has with oneself at times of creative stagnation) to work with the word 'words' itself that has re-ignited my capacity to make.

I have done some cutting with words, some coloured pencil work, and I have some stitching in mind as well; but I have also been playing with letterpress and wooden type.

I have made an edition of books using the wooden type - or at least I have printed the pages and prepared the covers - but as I was going along I also thought to myself; what if I could print a broadside along with the book?

After our Pas de Deux exhibition last year; I have been drawn to the idea of having wall works and book works that go together.

So I had a go, and laughed at myself because of course as soon as I printed the second of the five words, I made a mistake!  Still I kind of loved the mistake and took it through the whole piece.  Very happy with the result I was...

The mistaken broadside. It now has a name "Words and more words".

The mistake I made was rather than remove the tape after inking, I printed the type with the inked tape on. Sort of like this would print.

But I kept going each time, printing before removing the tape and enjoyed the form the letters took.

Of course, this is more the look I was going for - disappearing letters - but sometimes you just have to work with your errors and make magic with them instead!

Alongside each other - they are cousins I think, not siblings (definitely not twins which was the original plan). But I think they get along OK!


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed I was Mo - and I loved where we went together!

  2. how it goes. i like it when our well thought out work has it's own say...surprise!

    1. Sometimes I over think and overplan, and then the work reminds me to experiment - just loved this one!


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