Sunday, September 4, 2016

Printmakers' road trip to Maryborough

Over the weekend a couple of printmakers from the Sunshine Coast headed north to Maryborough to meet up with the printmaking group up there.

It was a lovely gathering and so wonderful to share the joy of printmaking with other passionate folk. We hope to do it again sometime!

We had a lovely stay and saw lots of beautiful buildings and public art; but one of the highlights was a visit to Geraghty's Store. Now a National Trust building it is a an old grocery store that remains intact.

Close up, some of the old crates reminded me of a Rosalie Gascoigne piece.

or two...

There were 'still life' images all through the shop...

And so many fabulous bottles and jars for lotions and potions...

And beautiful marks and traces...

 But one of my favourites was an internal door, where folk had clearly written sums - pounds, shillings and pence I think - on the timber panels; keeping records of something...

It was an absolute treasure trove.


  1. Wonderful, what a treasure trove.

  2. Wonderful! Reminds me alot of an old store in Yakandandah, it's probably still there but was damaged in a fire a couple years back. These photos are lovely Fiona. Glad you had such a great time. I love how you both get out and about and involved in so much.x

    1. Thanks Louise - I love Yackandandah (as well just saying the name...) It was a good weekend and a great chance to catch up with other printmakers; tiring but good!

  3. Replies
    1. So many moments of wondering V; so much imagining...

  4. good to see such treasures preserved for posterity


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