Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Play time!

After all of the left-brain work of measuring, calculating and planning that I am doing for the Melbourne job, I really wanted to just go do something light and breezy.

And I did!

This is a playful alphabet called the button alphabet, designed originally by Peter Thornton.

I picked up a 6.0mm parallel pen, popped in a red ink cartridge without rinsing to the nib from its previous black ink and started to see if I could write this alphabet.

I had such fun and will definitely do it again.

The alphabet with a few variations and lots of less than perfect looking letters.

 A quick go at writing names - not too bad.

And then a couple of phrases/words.

And on grey card as well.

Which I decided to make into cards.

A fun and very fruitful little while in the studio - it was good to get inky again and do some letters by hand and have so much fun doing it!


  1. Wow! I'm impressed that the red/black lasted and showed so well.

    1. It makes a great combo doesn't it Di? I liked it.

  2. What fun! Love the playfulness of the font. Enjoy!

    1. It was great fun J and I felt like just going and going and writing everything on anything, laugh!

  3. What a fun aplphabet. And I do like the two colour effect with it.

    1. It was a great discovery and so much fun Jac - and I really like how the two colour thing worked - adds interest I think!


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