Tuesday, October 30, 2018

hearts here and there...

Before we went away I looked around the block and spent time with the hearts we have at home.

As we travelled I kept an eye out for other hearts in the landscape and found them here and there...

We found one in the gate of a park in Thurso...

On our daily walk to the cove we discovered this rope - just resting there like this.  No fiddling or playing around with it was needed; it was simply a perfect heart awaiting us...

We visited Orkney and the Vintage Paper Company, and as we wandered the streets of Stromness, this set of stacked stone hearts caught my eye.

A hand blown glass heart at Whaligoe Steps cafe.

A heart woven into a doormat at Cromarty Arts Trust.

A heart as graffiti on the inside of a chapel ruin in Cromarty

Heart on a headstone in Cromarty Cemetery.

And as we circle round to home again, a collection of heart rocks, stones and pebbles at the front door of the cottage. Collected along our way from coves and beaches nearby, they welcome us home when we visit.

 Hearts at home...


  1. it's astonishing what you can find around you, if you just watch carefully ! Nice pictures !

    1. A little bit like you finding letters in England...go well.

  2. I'm in love with the heart of glass at the cafe, beautiful photos!

    1. Its a stunner Mo - the wonderful cafe is so good and the chef is also a glass artisan! Double lucky visit.


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