Thursday, November 1, 2018

Thursday Thoughts...

"Life is like art. You have to work hard to keep it simple and still have meaning". 

Charles de Lint

Today I am pondering art (next week life, the week after books, and the cycle continues...).  This quote could probably provide enough food for thought for both this week - art - and next week - life- given how well it applies to both.

But for art's sake I'll look at it that way.

I constantly find myself struggling with how to make things that are simple, still have meaning; and how to make things with meaning, simple.  It is an effort and it is something that has to be worked out. Occasionally, very occasionally, the balance simply appears in a piece. And for those rare moments I am grateful.

But far more common is the process that is accompanied by many questions like how much have I left out or taken away?  Is it still communicating or does it need something more to get the message across? Is its simplicity simply blandness? Or is its simplicity the essence? Is its quietness inviting? or simply missing in action?

Because it is who I am, and how my art is, I am willing to continue to engage with the effort needed to  keep things simple and retain some meaning.

Maybe I will ponder this one again for life next week - keeping it simple too is an effort!

Some blank typewriter words for a family violence piece...


  1. oh this is a good one to ponder.Thank you. I am definitely guilty of over decorating because embroidery is all in the detail. The word itself says it all! Here's to trying to keep it simple!

    1. Thanks Louise - although I never think you over embellish! You say enough, just enough, with he work you do i think. But it s hard to not overdo things sometimes I find, and when I do I get cross with myself.

  2. I love Charles de Lint's writing my favourite is 'Memory & Dream' 1994

  3. simple indeed, but nice. It must feel amazing too !

    1. Keeping it simple, yet complex, is sometimes hard work; yet very rewarding I think! Go well.


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