Sunday, November 18, 2018

Working through the alphabet...

I am slowly making my way through the alphabet of the print sample booklet - I think I have made it through G!

Here's a few of the different typefaces I've worked with along the way.

An all time favourite Empire 72pt - we also have it in 36pt, caps only.

This Engravers old English we have in 42pt and 48pt and it is so strong. I know it will perfect for something.

I am missing the S and the a and the l and maybe the w...

Isn't this bold and beautiful?

And this, gorgeously deco-ishly elegant, caps only.

A few of our Garamonds...

Gill - so much Gill! from 10pt (with no spacers) to 48pt, here are a few of them.

Creativity doesn't all happen in the studio - it's happening in the sewing room and also in the kitchen.  Here's a hazelnut meringue cake I made for a birthday gathering today - it tasted good too! Despite looking decadently rich it wasn't too sweet at all.


  1. Type AND cake. What more could we ask for ?

  2. Goodness ... how many typefaces do you have? I must say I especially like the Empire, having grown up in New York (known as the Empire state)

    And that cake ... do you share recipes? Because I would very much like to experience it for myself!

    1. Thanks Liz - we are up to around 75 I think...And of course, I'll send the recipe thru!

  3. I'm a Garamond fan and also a lover of Gill Sans Light and Regular. The Gills lose their grace when they get too bold, I think, although you never know when a good boldface will be just the right thing. How fun to have these typefaces to play with. Also, lovely meringue! I have never made a successful meringue. You have my deepest respect.

    1. Its so interesting to find the typefaces we love - I too love Garmaond and the lighter Gills; but I look at the large condensed one and think it might have a place - and the extra bold definitely says pay attention; but we will need to find the right things to use them on! I think that was pretty much my first meringue as well so I am pleased it worked - it seemed not too hard but I think the humidity was low so it dried out well - had to leave it cooling in t oven with the door open a bit for quite a few hours...thanks and go well.

  4. oh, yes, that empire fond...Love it !


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