Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Alphabets, type, books and orchids

Every spare moment is currently spent in the studio printing my way through all our typefaces and getting ready for the sampler book.  I am a bit bored I must admit, but perked myself up today and re-focussed.  It is good that even small breaks - an hour - can give me a chance to print or set or clean a couple of fonts.

And so it continues - I have made my way to P which is feeling pretty good.

 We have three sizes of graphic Script - it is a stylish italic, but I am never quite sure if I would use it!

I couldn't believe the name of this one - Grotesque No. 9 - and as you can see we have no lower case 'u' which makes it look even dodgier!

We raced along from G toM - and how I love Marion. Sigh.

Onto P and there are few of these. By the time I reached Parisian Ronde I was tired and a bit cranky with the repetitious nature of it all, and did not do my best prints; but told myself they are proofs for a sample book, not for proper use.  And then I snapped back into doing things properly!

I have just ordered ten more packs of the postcards I am printing on so I can go back and re-do the ones I feel I let myself down on a bit.

 And the last of the Ps is Placard Bold Condensed in 4 point sizes: 30, 42, 48 and 60.  We have a lot of letters in all of these and I think they are nice and strong yet still friendly.

Here in Australia it is certainly Spring and the garden is glorious at the moment. Each day I pick flowers of different sorts and hues and colours and the house is pretty full of colour and fragrance which is a fine way to be.

Outside the studio is Barry's book wall, and some of my Dad's crucifix orchids.

They are a riot of colour at the moment and just make me smile each time I walk over from the house.

Books and orchids - what's not to love?


  1. love seeing the array of fonts and orchids!

    1. The array of fonts just keeps on keeping on Mo! And the crucifix orchids make me smile - Dad also has an orchid house at our place which is filled wth blooms as well.

  2. the placard bold is my favourite here

    1. It is a great font Annick and I have used it in a few pieces already.


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