Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Ta da!

It is done.  The goal I set myself of printing samples of every typeface we have has been completed.  In reality, I have printed every typeface that we have that was catalogued...as we went along I discovered typefaces that were still inboxes and some that were in trays and several that were in complete and utter upheaval...so the job is done but there will be a few additions down the track once others are tidied and identified.

T was full of Times - mostly in smallish sizes too which are particularly fiddly.

This one is 10pt, and like Gill of the same size, there were no spacers.  In this case their wasn't even a zero - hence the big O in 10pt.  I also had to tuck upside down letters in to make the block square so it really is an odd bod of a thing.

Enough of Times (and there were several more) and onto the final typeface Univers.  A very simple sans serif we have 12pt and 18pt.  And 18pt was the end of printing.

I was running out of time over the weekend, and Barry offered up his services to come and help me out - he cut card, cleaned type, printed type and put type away which really sped things up for me and we managed to do the last 5 in record time. Altho in my rush I may have spelled Univers wrong?

The final day's printing results...

Here are some of the random proofs I was doing along the way on all sorts of papers. A lovely composition of its own.

New jobs emerged as we went along - like transferring some type from the boxes they were in to containers that separate them letter by letter to make it easier to select and diss the type.  

We discovered a few different arrangements for having the type in its own little compartments, so there are a few rainy day jobs ahead yet.

 And Sunday afternoon we watched a storm front go by...

Now the samples need to dry, we need to create the 5 sets, sort out just how they will be bound to enable the insertion of new typefaces the come along or are discovered, and then the scanning/copying of them onto cards to have spares as well. Yee ha - feels great!

Now to prepare for teaching this weekend.


  1. no one would ever work as hard as this but for the sheer love of it

    1. What do they call it Liz - a labour of love?? It has been indeed - but I can also see the value and need to remind myself it will make my life easier one day!

  2. onya (((Fiona and Barry))) 'tis done!

  3. It must feel so good to have accomplished this large project and feel that your future efforts will be grounded in tidy, well-cataloged type.

    1. Hugely satisfying thanks Dana - and yes it feels a bit like putting down the foundations for a house - not a lot to show for it, but definitely important for the next stages! Go well.

  4. nice...must feel like a relief !

    1. a huge relief Annick! Thanks of your support along the way.


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