Sunday, December 9, 2018

A little bit of this...

Studio time has been a bit tricky to grab this week - lots of different things needing attention elsewhere; but fortunately the time I have managed I have been able to use to do a range of things. Small things, but things that settle my mind a bit.

As we printed the sample book, I discovered a number of fonts of type that needed to be put in cabinets rather than boxes, and I did that as well as printing labels to identify where they are.  That of course also meant that I needed to update the type inventory with locations and whilst I was at it I updated the paper inventory as well.

I initially forgot to do a label for Annonce Grotesque, but that has been rectified now.

This lovely pile of type awaits identification and sorting and cataloguing - a job for when I really have nothing better to do!

This box was quite muddled...

But is now beautifully sorted and the box is even labeled properly rather than with this taped on piece of tracing paper.

Saturday was a day of unsettledness and so I simply sat in the moments and stitched when I could.  Working on 'decorating' a bag I made a while back with meditative running stitches.

So soothing.

And Barry has been collecting more of his peace doves that have fallen from the tree in the wind and the weather.  We now have eight welcoming us at the front door in this mini installation...

Life is made up of moments with a little bit of this, and a little bit of that...


  1. beautiful words and pictures of the sorting & letting go of this old year!

    1. Thanks Mo - it does have a winding down kind of feel to it - so perhaps I should just roll with it...go well.

  2. Sorting 10 pt type ... for sure you'll need a good dose of stitching afterwards! I'm looking forward to seeing the bag when you're "finished" ... or perhaps "done for the time being"

    1. Yes, that little font of type will take some girding of loins to deal with I think! Still, it will be a good job when other things fall apart. The bag is having a fine time coming into being - some additions all over the place which is most unlike me; but for now they seem right. Next up - changing colour...go well!


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