Thursday, December 27, 2018

Thursday Thoughts...

"Sometimes I only remember a single sentence of a book – but that sentence is a lucky charm or a talisman". 

Jeanette Winterson.

This one is sooooo me.  Some people read books and remember every detail, every character's name, every location, every date, every little thing the author thought of and sought to include.  Me, I tend to remember how the book made me feel.

I oftentimes don't remember details, and I definitely can't readily recall the names of characters and how they all fitted together in complex genealogies, but I do recall how the author moved me.

I also recall exquisite lines or sentences, which I stop and read, and re-read.  When my breath is taken away by something so beautifully written, or so evocative, or so powerful or so elucidatory than I am gob smacked.

I often grab these words and write them down, and just like Ms Winterson they can become guides or charms or talisfolk for the way....


  1. wish I could remember the name of the book that holds "A tiger will never let you capture his imagination." or something along those lines... have misplaced the journal I wrote it down in over 30 years ago

    1. Oh what a fabulous quote to remember and hold onto Mo! Sometimes it matters most that you recall this part, not exactly what it was nor where it was...the spirit of this shines through strongly.

  2. I remember moods and characters -- not plots or quotes so much.


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