Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Still stitching

Well, my main arty activity has been the ongoing embellishment of this bag.

I made it from scraps from my clothes sewing a year and half a ago and have really enjoyed it.  But I did often think it  might benefit from a little something decorative and so the stitching began.

The bag always wears one of Liz Ackert's peace pins..

I loved some of the patterns that emerged from the perpendicular stitching.

Then I did some different stitching on another panel

And some starry cross stitches along the base.

 Then changed the thread colour and began thin creamy white running stitches on the black...

Lots of fun awaits and it is great to just pick it up and stitch when you have a moment or two.
Who know when it will be done???


  1. Done? Never! Fun? Always!

    Love seeing your mark-making and that wee pop of color warmed my heart.

    1. The perfect response Liz! And both bags I have made like this have your pins on them...

  2. F - very therapeutic as well as creative? B

  3. looks nice! I'm sure it will get finished...eventually...

    1. So true Annick - I think I am almost there...but have just sewed another one so shall begin on that one soon!

  4. Have you begun using it yet? Your photos make me want to hug it! I used to make my bags from the end bits of my weaving, and this makes me want to make a cloth bag again.


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