Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Playing with colour

It has been a long time coming - letterpress sample book intervening - but I was back in the studio today simply playing.

I have been sending all sorts of cards out recently, but realised that there was a bit of an absence of simple old handmade happy birthday cards in my stash. So I thought I'd get some colour and a paintbrush and create a few.

I rummaged around and found a few envelopes and cut up some scraps of paper for cards and sat and played around for bit.

I chose the Caran D'Ache NeocolorII water soluble crayons as the colours are quite vibrant.

 I started by simply drawing a few circles.

And then added water for a few kind-of-almost-squares.

And some stripes.

I added a few Happy Birthdays here and there.

And the odd meandering dotty line. And more dots.

So here we go, a few more cards for the stash, ready to send when we have a birthday on.

As an aside my Dad was telling me a story about a 90 year old woman he visits, who at the beginning of each month, writes all the birthday cards for the month and has them in their envelopes with stamps on all set to go, and they get posted as needed.

I was so impressed by the forward thinking, I wondered if I should adopt the practice in the new year!  I am always a bit sad when I get caught out and can only text, email or call...I like to get a card there on time if I can.

And a further aside are these lovely hydrangeas that came inside yesterday morning.  The colours are just so gorgeous.

So at least I have played with little bit of something.  My mind has been going in all sorts directions nonetheless and the place is strewn with notes i have written down here and there about ideas I want to capture; new classes I want to teach...hopefully I will get some time to really get down and make some stuff soon.


  1. These are just grand ... I thought I had a "favorite" (the squares) until you added the lettering. Then all bets were off and I decided I simply liked each and every one.

    1. So kind Liz! I like the squares too - but the lettering does makes them all 'pop' I think. Go well.

  2. playing around like this can be so much fun ! New ideas pop up and the use of colours is different. Like !

    1. New ideas do just pop up don't they - try this, try that...Colour can be fun! Go well.

  3. I fall in love with these birthday cards - so "simple and beautiful"


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