Sunday, December 30, 2018

Looking back over 2018

As we close the door on the year that has been and we sneak peek into the year that will be, it is good to stop and ponder the year and its work, and what has been good about it.

Each year here on the blog, I have listed my favourite or top 10 pieces of the year.  Each year, they are simply a list of pieces that have meant something to me; have made me smile; or made me proud. 

This year's list is no exception - it touches on small things with big heart; some commissions and some work that is simply for me.  An interesting blend.

On reflection I found I haven't completed the one big work I had set out to do (Ode to Stones) but I know it is there, still trying to be hopefully it might appear in next year's list!

The works appear in alphabetical order simply because it is the work of impossibility to decide which is best, given I respond to them so differently.

So for 2018 we have:

1. The bag

This wee piece of stitching gave me such satisfaction.  I embellished a bag I made a year ago with simple running stitches and it was soothing and calming at a time when sadness came and sat beside me.

2. The bonnet

This piece of stitching was a request from a friend and an exchange of goodness.  I so enjoyed connecting with the story and doing the small hand lettered stitching. It now resides in a exhibition in Tasmania and is a special piece of heartfelt work.

3. Deckled Edge Press

We launched Deckled Edge Press through the year, and it was such a good feeling to have this representation of Barry and I working together out there in the world.  This is the part of the art venn diagram where we overlap and work together.  We love our website (thank you Katie) and we love that we are working together to maintain this age old traditions and save type and equipment. yay.

4. Go Girl!

Each year I make a print using random wood type titled Go Girl!  It gives me such a buzz to print these words and share them with folk over the course of a year.  So simple yet so happy-making.

5. Imagine Equality

This work was special because it was the first big commission Deckled Edge Press did, and we worked together to produce it.  Simplicity again, yet a powerful message which was shared with hundreds of people at a conference in Melbourne.

6. Letter Cutting

So much fun!  I enjoyed myself at this course so much and my sample stone is a thing of wonder to me; and a great reminder of how far I came in a week (remember the Q isn't mine!).  This work brought me excitement, inspiration, enthusiasm and a real desire to learn and do more.

7. Love

As part of Mo's work "I Dream of a World Where Love is the Answer" I contributed this white on white, hand stitched pennant, with simply the word love centred and stitched in my own heartbeat script.  The simplicity of it still resonates for me, and I am thrilled and honoured to be part of this magic circle of women (and a man or two) across the world.

8. Peace Emerging

In a year where not a huge amount of large new work emerged, I re-worked these pieces and create d something anew.  Peace emerges are now book-ets; wee books that share the fragility of peace.  I loved how beautifully they were resolved.  The process was lovely and one of those where I discovered and learnt, and things presented themselves to me and let me know what I needed to do next. Special.

9. The proof of Love is deed.

Another lovely commission as a farewell gift for a nun.  It was so nice to bring the calligraphy and cut words into play and make a piece that will have a special home.

10. The Sample Book

Despite not being a piece of art in itself, this work brought me some of the greatest pleasure of the year!  Hard, at times dull and boring even, it was a labour of love which has been working in my favour ever since I completed it.  I love knowing how I can find the typefaces I want and need; and I love knowing that I can add to the 'book' whenever we gain a new one.

 And so it is here, the end of another year.

As ever, thanks for coming along on the ride, for dropping in and leaving a note every now and again, and  for letting me know your thoughts.

With hope for more of all good things in the new year ahead...


  1. Wishing you and Barry a peaceful, happy and creative new year.

    1. And to you Jac - may it have creativity, happiness and magical moments...

  2. From the hardest stone to the softest silk ... such a range of creating. I continue to be grateful you share so much of your work here

    Wishing peace to you in the the new year ... and the realization of your hopes

    1. Thank you Liz - it was a different year of making for sure, but one that makes me smile nonetheless. Wishing you peace and hope; kindness and care, as we enter the new year...

  3. lovely to see this work, Fiona, and your work continues to celebrate what words are.

    1. Thanks so much Velma - it is a nice thing to do, look back and remember... and oh yes, its words and text every time!

  4. and now it's dawn on the first day of 2019!

  5. I wish my list of accomplishments for the year was as varied and beautiful as this one. I especially like your Love is the Answer pennant and Peace is Fragile and and and...
    Best wishes for a creative, loving 2019.

    1. Thank you Dana that is so lovely. It felt like a quiet and small year, but all of them are love-filled.


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