Tuesday, December 18, 2018

poetry printing and stitching

As the year draws to a close, there are lots of small moments.  I have been filling my small moments fiddling, playing around and stitching - psyching myself up or a big push of activity next year.

I have finished the stitching on my scrap bag.  I enjoyed it so much and feel that there is more to the bag now than there was before.  I think it is officially 'finished'.

Altho, you never do know.

I added a lovely button I bought on Orkney.

And never fear, another one is underway! Muted purples this time.

And then I played around with some spine poetry.  I like the notion of spine poetry because it takes the pressure off thinking of and making up your own words.  The angst is somehow removed, and you can fiddle about and play.  Which is always a fine thing.

I went thru our bookshelves and could have come up with some pretty gruesome poems, but landed on this one. All you need to do is put a series of your books on top of each other, in some sort of order, which creates and reads as a poem.

Using up some leftover ink on Sunday, I played around with a few layouts

And then landed here.  This I like.


  1. the Orkney button finishes your bag beautifully!

  2. F - just love that spine poem. B

    1. Thanks B - it worked out well and is such a lovely and simple idea I think..


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