Sunday, January 19, 2020

Armadale Horizons

Whenever we visit the cottage, we try to do a walk to the cove every morning.  It has to be pretty bad weather for us to pike it - we don our many layers and our waterproof troos and head off intrepidly!

On our most recent visit, we took a lot of photos of the water and the sky and the horizon.  I chose to stand in the same spot each day and photograph the same horizon at the same magnification.  Or pretty much the same.

On return I have been playing with what to do with them; how to present them or show them and it has been a dreamy time staring into that horizon.

I selected 42 photos and printed them all out onto individual sheets  of matte photo paper.  They looked great on the dining table and the kitchen bench.

I am mesmerised by the individual nature of each and every one of them - even grey misty mornings look different.

So I have gathered them up and layered them with tissue paper between them and they can now sit and quietly let me know what they might become.

In between times I printed them all out on cheap paper, in a smaller size and wondered how they would present if I placed them next to each other. A really quick cut and past job.

Because the photos are square, Barry suggested I try 36 of the 42 in a square format. So I did, but couldn't quite work out why I wasn't finding the square and the grid calming like I usually do.

I think it was because it didn't actually look square because of the horizontal lines the sea was forming. I did love the way the lines appear and offer another element to the whole thing.

42 has  quite a few nice divisions 6x7, 7x6, 2x21, 3x14... and I think I like the 14x3 version.

I could do cheap and cheerful cuttingand pasting whilst watching the tennis - photos taken at night on the floor.

I am now trying to imagine what they might be printed on, and again, what they might become. 

To compare and contrast in a way, the valley was astonishing at 5.30am yesterday.  Layer and layers of clouds and a tiny strip of blue. Sublime.

And barely a mountain in sight!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Mo - I really do find them calming...

  2. what a beautiful series ... and I couldn't help but think of The Overstory, in which a family photographs a chestnut tree monthly from the same spot over the course of a century ...

    I'm intrigued by the difference in the matted versions of the horizons versus those placed together. Not that one is better than the other, but the matted ones gave me a sense of serenity, whereas the grouped images had my eyes jumping around. A totally different vibe.

    1. What an a mazing history and record of that tree the would be Liz...I agree entirely about the different sense when the photographs are individual or gathers. Together they are busy; by themselves they re serene. I like that there is something to work with and explore there

  3. Well, two thoughts. First (of course!) was the number 42.
    And then I thought of pockets. Any of them, paired or contrasted and the last one, flipped for a left and a right,stitched over the side seams of pants.

    1. Oh Di - I know 42 right!?!? And then pockets! I shall have a good look at that as I am adding pockets to pretty much everything these days...grin.


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