Thursday, January 30, 2020

Thursday Thoughts...

“Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing”. 

Harper Lee

I imagine Harper Lee was thinking about a time perhaps when her eyes would give way and she might not be able to read.

Given that today we have other options for reading (in particular audio books) the practicalities of the quote seem less pertinent; yet the thrust of it still feels quite relevant.  It seems to me to speak more about things that we take for granted.

I really do love being able to read.  I love knowing that I can always pick up a book and lose myself in it.  That I can turn to a book for solace or comfort or learning.  That reading can transport me and calm me and excite me.

Perhaps she had taken the ability to read for granted; in much the same way most of us take the ability to breathe for granted. We don't think about it, we do it automatically, sub-consciously and regularly.  And perhaps the point to be made is that occasionally it is good to pause and notice. To pay attention to the the multiplicity of things we take for granted, and then be grateful for them.

And love them just a bit.


  1. reading your post I immediately think of dyslexics who have problems with reading, how they miss out. Just a note to your readers you can have dyslexia and able to read and write no problem but when it comes to numbers that is the problem, telling time, awareness of time of day, remembering tables and formulas and of course various other problems that dyslexics may have. I know because I have close contact with someone who falls into the second category.

    1. Thanks Irene. Perhaps Harper Lee did experience something that prevented her from reading? (I understand not dyslexia but you made me stop to think of maybe some other way the brain may have prevented her). I too know folk who experience dyslexia (for reading) and I think in part that is why I am so grateful I can, and appreciate all that I get it from it. You are right; some folk miss out dreadfully. Go well.

  2. I have good friends who enjoy listening to talking books but it's the deep private quieting that comes with reading that I would miss so much if I lost my sight

    1. I do too Mo, but am yet to jump to that option. I too like the quiet mind and turning of pages and internal conversations. Yet I love listening to podcasts and imagine a good book well ritten and read could really grab you!


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