Sunday, June 28, 2020

Calligraphic cards

Now the busy-ness of getting letterpress printed cards ready for sale has slowed; I have turned my mind to calligraphy again and have been thinking about how to combine some calligraphic lettering and some print maybe?

But to start, a visit to the studio by friend resulted in this gorgeous little bouquet. Stunning colour and lovely fragrance from the thyme and the rosemary.

I was thinking that we needed another, softer, thank you card.  I pulled out this polymer plate and left it on my desk to remind when I returned. I had done the calligraphy and had it made years ago and never touched it.  Now seemed to be a good time.

I looked at it and wondered if I should try to cut close to the edges of the words because it wasn't very high, and from previous experience the ink went all over the background as well and smeared and smudged.  Then I pondered rolling the ink on by hand and hoping I didn't mess it up.

And then I thought - I wonder if it will blind emboss???

And it did!

And just because I can't bear waste, I wondered if it might sort of blind emboss on some scraps I had?

And then I wrapped them in Habu thread and sat them in the sunshine and lo, they were lovely.

I had been cleaning up at home and came across a postcard I had made several years ago, and thought you know, the times still need this and so I went and did some of my heartbeat script on postcards. I then drew and hand-coloured a bouquet of blooms in between and thought folk might just like these.

And through the week, the sunset was colourful and full of movement; and high above, slipping through a veil of cloud sat a wee moon.


  1. these thank you cards turned out very nice ! The thread is such a subtle detail. Hugs, A

    1. Thanks Annick - doesn't the thread just amen them gorgeous?!?!? I love Habu thread and it always seems to add so much to pretty much anything. Go well, stay well.

  2. beautiful free and flowing type. beautiful sentiment to go with.

    1. Thank you Dee - the longer the virus lives among us, the more low level anxiety we all seem to be living with as well. I find I need a reminder every now and again... Go well.


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