Sunday, June 21, 2020

Continuing my place among the clouds

This week has proven to me how good it it to spend regular chunks of time in the studio.  It has meant that I could ponder, progress, ponder anew, progress a tad and move along at a lovely pace.

I had previously worked out the pages, and the point of binding.  But then there was the reality of binding.

So I took along my sewing machine one day and tested how it would go, stitching through the beautiful Magnani cover and the light as a feather Japanese paper pages.

I scored 3cm down from the top on some scraps and stitched.

It held them well; but I began to worry that the top parts of the pages could tear, as if along perforation.

So I did some more rows of stitching.  Whilst this appealed to the structured me (I found it quite calm), it did seem bit heavy handed for clouds.  Somehow it just seemed too rigid and too earth bound kind of thing.

So I cut the scrap in half and stitched another one - this time with random waviness in the hope of simulating cloud-like sensations!

Kind of sort, of, almost.

Setting that side, I turned my mind to how to create interest on the cover.  I had thought about embossing some trace line imagery of clouds, but then I looked through my photographs and realised it would be beyond me to deliver something decent.  When I looked at imagery on line for illustrating clouds they were all fluffy and twee and I closed tho pages as quick as I could.

I thought about random stitching lines to outline clouds and that wasn't doing it for me either.  Sadly, at first, I thought I would have to just letterpress print the title. I have been trying to push myself beyond just words and this was a wee bit disappointing, but would at least not look dreadful!

So I began with some lovely light round wood type.

I reversed this photo on my phone so I could see how it would read.  The extra blocks are for working out spacing.

I measured it this way and that and then placed the type on the bed.

Locked it up and inked it.

And was very happy with the result on this test paper.

Of course with ink on the press and spar floaty paper about I just had to keep testing and playing.
Here I overlaid the brown paper with some floaty bits.

Here I overdid the floaty bits onto some of the grey paper.

And I knew we were getting somewhere...


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.