Thursday, June 25, 2020

Thursday Thoughts...

"In the end, we’ll all become stories". 

Margaret Atwood

I don't think I have ever really thought of my life as a book; or as a story, yet of course, that is exactly how it will end up!

For now, I am a person who does what she does - who breathes, who speaks who reads, who laughs, who gardens, who drives, who stitches who....does all sorts.

I was thinking about something else just ending up being stories that are told about it. How people will always pick out the key bits that they remember or like about something and then that is the part that gets told.  In effect, every event gets distilled down to the bits that folk remember to tell.

And even then I hadn't thought to apply it to a life.

For we will all be stories.  Most of us won't be books, but we will be stories. Stories told of this and that and do you remember when?  Or I loved how she always ...? Or that reminds me of the time...

I sit here quietly having my mind explode with the notion - when it should really be self-evident!

Thanks as ever to Ms Atwood for making me think.


  1. I often think about the traces we will leave behind when we shuffle off this mortal coil, here's another quote that came to mind
    from the short story "Dream Harder, Dream True" by Charles De Lint;
    "When we look back on these days," she said, "we'll remember them as mythic times."
    "What do you mean?"
    "It's as though we stand in the dark of the moon and anything is possible. We're hidden from the sun's light, from anything that reminds us that we only borrow these lives that we live, we don't own them."
    "If we don't own our lives, " Jean asked, "then who does?"
    "The people that we might become if we stop believing in our dreams."

    Hold fast to your dreams!

  2. That is so true - stories or fragments of stories. B


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