Thursday, July 22, 2021

Thursday Thoughts...

“When the light around you lessens 
And your thoughts darken until 
Your body feels fear turn 
Cold as a stone inside, 

When you find yourself bereft 
Of any belief in yourself 
And all you unknowingly 
Leaned on has fallen …. 

Steady yourself and see 
That it is your own thinking 
That darkens your world, 
Search and you will find 
A diamond-thought of light.” 

Excerpt from For Courage by John O’Donohue

As my ponderings turn to life once again, so many parts of this excerpt rang true.  Not all, and not at all times, but there are some deeply beautiful thoughts and wisdom within it.

For me, John O'Donohue has a way of finding words to wrap around deeply considered thoughts and understandings, in a way which allows many of us to feel heard or understood.

So often, I find within his essays and his blessings, a sentence, a paragraph or a sequence which sounds like he has described my experience ever so perfectly. I think the man had a truly remarkable way of 'knowing'.

Within this one it is the final line that gives me hope.  Being able to find a diamond-thought of light when things are dark is a beautiful beautiful way of describing it. I shall hold onto that and go in search of those diamond-thoughts when I need to.


  1. brings to mind a favourite song, 'Shine on you crazy diamond' from Wish You Were Here 1975 Pink Floyd

    1. Oh Mo - and Wish You were Here as a song was an absolute favourite of mine - just brilliant!

  2. F- thanks for that - a diamond thought odf light will become one of my background mantras. B

  3. love the water-rippled sand ...


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