Thursday, July 29, 2021

Thursday Thoughts...

Books are lighthouses erected in the sea of time. 


I have no idea who E.P. may be, but I like this idea.  

I often think about books as enlightening; as things that can shine a light on an issue; that can enlighten us and our understanding.  That notion of bringing light to bear upon...

I also often think of torchlights under blankets reading way past bedtime!

And so a lighthouse notion makes sense to me. Lighthouses do more than shine a light of course; that light signifies safety, and warning, and guidance, and assistance.  Perhaps books do too.

This idea seems to suggest that in amongst the tides of time, of rough seas, of smooth passage, that books remain steadfast as well. Just shining on and being there for us when we might need them.

Back in October 2018 at Dunnet Head Lighthouse on the North Coast of Scotland, a story in three parts.

And I DID let them know!


  1. I do love lighthouses and books and the sea ... such a perfect quote to include all three

    “Books are lighthouses erected in the great sea of time.”

    ― Edwin Percy Whipple

    and while I love the internet, after a career of finding things in books and documents ... even more do I love this bit of altered ephemera, that you found it and then connected with another person through the ether ... and then included us in that ...

    1. Thank you Liz for the source of the quote - I could have gone further myself to find it! And yes what a marvel it was - I tucked it back in the rock wall where I found it, hoping that others might too. Plus it was such a great watercolour!!!

  2. Hi Fiona. Came here via Liz, so great thanks to her. I agree with this quote as you do. Books can be a friend, an emotional push or comfort, although I'm not sure how I'd fir that into the lighthouse theme, except in the steadfast, always there department. Nice post :)

    1. Thanks Nancy - nice to meet you! It was a very comforting quote I thought - and you
      are right about their steadfastness. Go well.

  3. A beautiful, heartwarming and uplifting post - thank you.

    1. Thank you Lisa - it such lovely reminder isn't it? Go well.


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