Sunday, August 1, 2021

Letraset heaven

 Who ever really knows how things come about? How this leads to that and then...? 

And so it is with this letraset find.

I was reading about letraset which made me smile and remember how much fun it was.  I recalled I had some in the studio a friend had gifted me; and also that I had tried to purchase some modern equivalents recently.

I then went off on a google and found some for sale in Australia.  I really liked the used look it and lo and behold I was able to buy it and send it home. 

Isn't it gorgeous? What a stash!

So many lovelies.

As I look t it, I wonder which words have been printed using it? All the Cs and Ps are gone...

Some nice variations on the b and the g and some lovely ligatures - that ct is gorgeous!

I feel as if I am reading absences.

I quite like the tail of the R here; and that fractured T. And the way that part of one R is already detaching itself.

Lots of little ones too!

And this font reminds me of Hobo?

Bu this I really love - the marks left behind by rubbing off the letters. This is exactly what mine used to look like as a kid. What I would have called a blue biro rubbing it off!

I lie in bed at night dreaming of what these can become... so exciting!


  1. There are some very familiar type styles there. I worked with Letraset in the 1970s - and probably still have a sheet or two of it in my studio.

    1. It was such a great thing in the 70s Jen! I'd be interested if you no longer needed yours...happy to chat!

  2. missing Cs and Ps ... hmmmm, couldn't help thinking of CCCP ... the Russian abbreviation for the old USSR

    1. Oh I love how your brain works! How cool is that the CCCP? Maybe the original owner was a spy!!!


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