Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Peace gathering

 All the brown cutlery envelopes are dry now as well, so we are starting to pull together our peace packs for 2021.

I never seem to be able to just collect them, pop them in the post and send them off. No, I seem to have to lay them out, let their threads dangle together, photograph them this way and that... 

So here they are.

The stash on my desk, including the randoms which are not yet threaded, and the white envelopes for the group.

And because I was making gluwein for the first time, for a Christmas in July kind of thing, here I am getting distracted by the ingredients on the way through..

Good news is it worked quite well!


  1. (((Fiona))) you and Barry give me hope for Humanity… and the future of our beautiful planet Earth.

    1. Small folk doing small things with love...."we're all in this together"
      Go well


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