Sunday, December 5, 2021

Hear Me Roar, and embossing

I have been working on a new book - collation of things - and was wondering what would be a good title?  This way and that I went, and then it landed. Hear Me Roar.

No prizes for guessing it's a feminist book.

My first proofs are often done with carbon paper - cheaper and faster than inking.

As I played about with registration, I liked the way it re-inforced itself.

After printing I kept over printing to take as much ink off the type as I could, and played with subtle and small rotations of the paper.

Hold that thought I thought.  Imagining if I could actually plan something like that and have the bottom 'roar' just taking off!

And I thought a bit about the covers and wanted to check if I could emboss the feminist symbol, and so far so good.

I wanted to add a little something to the title page. Was it a border? Was it some outlining? Was it some embossing? 

Embossing it was.

And stars it was. Kind of celebratory and sparkly.

A draft playing around with layout of the individually hand embossed stars.

And then it was on to stitching...

Honestly cannot tell you HOW MANY TIMES I had to snip the threads and start again. Why are some days not the days for stitching?  

But the good news is it is done.  I haven't been able to photograph it finished, so that will happen this week I hope.

To settle my mind when I was struggling to stitch the simplest of stitches, I embossed some Christmas cards.

And things settled down...


  1. the days when I stitch wrong side to right side ... repeatedly ... what's with that? I'll remember your strategy to switch gears into something completely different ...

    and I know they're completely impractical as finished products, but I always very much like the look of your carbon paper proofs

    1. It was heartening to hear that happens to other people too -it's not as if we don't know what we're doing right?!? It completely befuddled me, and the distraction tactic helped a lot. I also like the carbon paper proofs - especially where the carbon paper gets stuck! Go well

  2. F - I like the contrast between the words hear me roar and the gentleness of the embossing. B

    1. Thanks B. It's interesting isn't it? I hope the embossing supports the words, rather than distracts.


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