Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I have been building some embossing 'plates' to put thru the press and create a beautiful book (Plan A). It is always a special challenge doing calligraphy backwards so that it will appear the right way round when you print.

I have this fabulous 800gsm Arches paper and I wanted to emboss into it, so we needed extra heavy duty pressure on the press. I am not sure if its sensible or good to do it, but Barry helped me by pushing the table thru as I pulled the wheel along - that way we got a good impression in the heavy paper.

Here are the plates (written backwards) and some details of the prints. The plates are simply mat board, cut out and glued onto more mat board, then shellacked 3 times, over about a 24 hour period. Hopefully this one makes it to "E Day".

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