Monday, October 19, 2009

White Cockatoos

Barry has been talking about "E-Day"also known as Exhibition Day as it looms closer. Whilst we are both well prepared, we have healthy doses of worry as well because we both still have a few pieces to go.

My goal today was to progress a few pieces and finish one, which I did. I have been shellacking some embossing plates and writing a few words here and there as well as pounding and stitching metal - all for a few different books.

I did however get to finish "White Cockatoos" a book of the poem that local poet Robyn wrote for me.

White cockatoos (for Fiona)

Wings deckle-edged
Against waned light
The cockatoos
Wheel eastwards
Their noisy sentence
Single-spaced left to right
A skyful of vowels
Headed towards night’s
Full stop

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