Sunday, October 25, 2009

Perspex white on white

We have made it! We spent this morning photographing, cataloguing and pricing and then with the help of mum and dad we delivered the complete works to Ken's gallery this afternoon and got to hand them over.

It's a sense of relief and a sense of excitement, mingled with a sense of fear and a sense of let-down. A heady mix.

Our exhibition is called "In the stillness..." and for one of my pieces I wrote 3 short sentences about what happens for me when I am still, and the experience of silence. In small ways, I am beginning to try and create my own words to use in my calligraphic work.

I engraved them into perspex - long thin panels - and then placed paper between the front and back panel. Of course, this makes the words recede or disappear a bit, and makes you have to get up close and personal with the work to discover what is written.

Here are a few hints of the idea why I can't get them to appear in the correct orientation!

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