Friday, October 23, 2009

In the Stillness...

I have enjoyed making this small book - it started out as an idea for a series of prints; then I decided to do calligraphy with a difference. I used oil pastels and made a heavy pastel square, then I applied copper leaf to the square of pastel. I then used a William Mitchell nib without the reservoir, to pull the copper leaf away as I wrote a letter.

I had spent a plane trip trying to come up with an alphabet of words that reflected what happens when you sit still and meditate and I then wrote these in my heartbeat script in copper gouache underneath the letter.

I stitched the single leaf book together with a metallic embroidery thread, and then made a slip case and stuck some stitched copper on it.

All in all a nice little book to hold in your hand.

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  1. What a gorgeous little book - just love the combination of the letter and meditaion thought.


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