Sunday, October 18, 2009

Metal Patina and stitching

Barry has been doing lots of work with copper and other metals in preparation for the exhibition. As a result he gets lots of off cuts. I trawl through his pile and scavenge (or rescue) pieces that I think could have yet another life.

I can see how I could use some of these scraps in a book and am playing around with beating them flat and stitching them with copper wire. There is something nice about the strength and toughness of metal combined with the gentler art of stitching.

A few of the scraps and a few beginnings...must get it together in time for the exhibition!


  1. Very cool idea to 'stitch'the patina copper - looks great.

  2. Hi Fiona,
    I have been looking over your work, just beautiful.
    The above post about the embossing is gorgeous,got me thinking... with the off cuts of metal I wonder what they would look like embossed into the 800gsm paper -some how pressed and stitched into the paper?
    Hey maybe then engrave into the metal words of strength. Love your work See ya:)

  3. Hi Kym

    You are right - the metal would make beautiful impressions and then you could stitch it into the heavy paper which would hold it. I hadn't gone so far as to think about engraving - but now there's an idea!

    I have only 'printed' using metal once (some fabulous rusty old bit I found on the road) and I recall needing to really protect the roller of the press and the bed so the metal didn't damage it.

    I think the offcuts are going to offer me many happy moments exploring - and I hope I get a book made in time for the exhibition!

    Thanks for your thoughts



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