Sunday, October 4, 2009

Timber for the Path 3

Another piece of public art calligraphy on timber appeared in town over the weekend. Barry and Edith-Ann worked last week to prepare the supports for the path at the Hinterland Business Centre. They then attached the story board on Saturday (in the midday sun and boy was it hot).

I thank them for making it look so good and am pleased that it is so easy to read, despite being on such dark timber.

Barry authored the words for the six panels - and I made him keep them short and sweet! They tell the story of the hinterland: with the formation of the volcanic Glasshouse Mountains; the many streams and waterways that support the land; the timbered forests along the range; the traditional owners of the land the Gubbi Gubbi people; the paths that criss-crossed the mountains; and the vibrant, creative and green industries that flourish today.

It even survived its first dose of rain the other night. The support posts will be painted black as will the back of the story post so it all kind of blends.


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